We warmly invite youKate and Robert

To experience for yourself the magical energy of the Canigou, the sacred mountain of Catalonia, which has been a major source of guidance and inspiration on our own voyage of self discovery.



We would be honoured

To facilitate your journey to connect more deeply with your own inner wisdom, creating a life that you love where you are able to live healthily and in tune with your own uniqueness; to feel empowered to be able to work through any obstacles to being happy. 



We offer

Yoga, Chi KungMeditation and Affirmation Practices together with Homeopathy and Theta healing to empower you to move into a more fulfilled, creative and healthy life.

We offer you the opportunity to step out of your regular life

into the peace and tranquility of nature.

Buddha 2

If you are looking for

An Intensive Transformational Experience, a Yoga Retreat or a Therapeutic holiday this is the place for you.


We also now offer Self-catering retreats for groups of up to 6 people.


We can facilitate for teachers and group leaders to run their own programs with up to 8 participants.



Accessible to everyone 

All yoga and movement sessions are designed to be accessible to anyone, whatever your age, level of fitness or flexibility.


We are located Mountain 3 

In the stunning scenery of the foothills of the French Pyrenees, where the lush green surroundings of "La Méditerranée Verte", creates a sense of abundance, tranquillity and a close connection to the earth.


There is an amazing quality of light and a sense of spaciousness in the clear blue skies which invokes a sense of relaxation,well being and rejuvenation. Fresh mountain streams flowing with clear, cool running water can be found in many of the surrounding valleys even in the height of summer and the whole region is steeped in local history

boasting many ancient sacred sights.


The local village of Eus is officially

one of the most beautiful in EusFrance and also one of the sunniest.In summer there are local cafes to visit and an arts and crafts festival where local artists frequently exhibit their work.


There are very good transport links to the area. The nearest airport is in Perpignan and there is a train line from Perpignan to Prades (The nearest town).

Flights are also available to Carcasonne, Beziers, Toulouse and Monpellier with good rail links to Perpignan and to Gerona in Spain with a regular bus service to Perpignan.

There is also a regular TGV service from Paris to Perpignan.


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